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New tools for data collection

We are working to advance the state of the art in experimental analysis of signal transduction in animal cells for the purpose of gathering more precise and complete data on protein activities and concentrations. We seek to increase both the numbers of signals we measure and the spatial and temporal resolution of these measurements; single-cell fixed imaging and sub-cellular live-cell imaging will be priorities for the next five years. Specifically, we aim to develop the following tools:

  • A high-throughput, quantitative, and reliable protein microarray-based method to measure the abundance and post-translational modification states of multiple proteins in cellular lysates.
  • Improved methods for phospho-protein profiling using mass spectrometry through novel biochemistry, improved instrumentation, and better software.
  • High-throughput methods for assaying the concentrations, localization, and states of modification of signaling proteins in single cells.
  • Methods to perform sub-cellular and single-molecular analysis of receptor activation
  • A fully-integrated SMR-based system for the detection of protein-protein interactions and for affinity-based measurement.
  • A novel method to track and monitor low-level kinase activities in cell extracts based upon the capabilities of microfluidic preconcentration.

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