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Women In Technology

WTP is a 4-week academic summer program at MIT for sixty female high school students at the end of their junior year. Students attend WTP in either the Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, or the Department of Mechanical Engineering. The goal of this program is to introduce high school girls to fundamental topics in electrical engineering, computer science, and mechanical engineering, and the emerging role of these fields in the life sciences. The WTP curriculum consists of hands-on projects, guest speakers, and lab tours and includes systems biology-related activities. Participants are selected from a pool of several hundred applicants.

We believe that the biology/engineering interface is an effective way of engaging talented female students in quantitative thinking and showing them their potential for success in engineering-related disciplines. Of the sixty girls that participated in the 2008 program, several applied to MIT.

In 2008, the CDP Center provided scholarship funds for eleven students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds to attend the program.

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