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Education and Outreach

The CDP Center-sponsored minority outreach programs intellectually and administratively are linked to MIT’s Institute-wide efforts in systems biology, the so-called MIT Computational and Systems Biology initiative (CSBi). The CDP/CSBi efforts are aimed at bringing women and underrepresented minorities into the field of systems biology and at helping minority-serving academic institutions build systems biology-related education and/or research programs.

During its first two years, the CDP Center successfully launched two visiting programs, one for minority faculty and another for undergraduate students. In addition, the CDP Center supports MIT’s Women’s Technology Program (WTP) and enables minority participation in MIT’s Synthetic Biology Competition.

In our experience, the intellectual vision, the technology infrastructure and organizational framework of the CDP Center offer an excellent opportunity for outreach activities. Specifically, appointing a Research Scientist as the primary point of contact for each student has proven to be highly successful. As a result of positive experience as MIT, three out of the six 2004 minority summer interns chose to pursue their graduate education at MIT starting in the fall of 2005.

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